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Various statistics are available for the following FIS disciplines (click on the icon for more):

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Cross-Country Alpine Skiing Picto Alpine Skiing
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Freestyle Skiing
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An index of contents guides the use of the different sections. Specific information can be found within each sub-section with the help of the various search options.
It is possible to search for information by either typing a keyword in an (empty) field or by scrolling for the respective information in the drop-down menus (e.g. ‘category' for World Cup, Continental Cups etc.)
The results will be shown as a list, which can be browsed by clicking on ‘previous' or ‘next' buttons.
Within the list you can click on the ‘light blue indicated' information to enter in an another subsection (e.g. click on the athlete's name to find specific information about him).
The information provided can vary for the different disciplines (e.g. no FIS points provided for Ski Jumping in, or e.g. World Cup start list only in for Alpine skiing etc.)
The statistics will be updated as soon as FIS receives the results from the respective competition.